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Love for the tradition, refinement ,professionalism.

We could summarise in this way the founding principles of RosaPerla, a company specialised in the production and distribution of furnishing accessories and gift ideas.
The handmade realisation of every single product, with a baroque style predilection, is a starting and a destination point for the RosaPerla collections.

Starting point. Because the mastery is in identifying at the very beginning all the potentiality and the intrinsic beauty of raw materials.
Destination point. Because every product immediately highlights the unique and unimitable mark of our wise Artisans.

The RosaPerla collections are divided into two segments:
- Stained glass and metal
- Crystal and metal

The materials used are glass, crystal, gold-plated brass metal, on wich 24-karat electro-galvanized gold is applied. In particular, RosaPerla stands out for being the only company in southern italy to use three-fired glass decoration, exclusively handmade.
This ancient decorative tecnique, thanks to the combination of embossed enamel and 24 karat gold, emphasizes the brightness of the glass, leading to rare beauty results.

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